My Beauty Uniform: Rebekah

I’m starting a new series called “My Beauty Uniform,” in which I’ll interview women (or men if I can find some guys willing to be interviewed!), about their skin care routines, how they choose their wardrobe, and about how they would describe their “look.” Today, I’ll share MY beauty uniform with you.

What is your morning/evening skincare routine?
I keep my skincare routine very simple. If my skin is dry, then I simply “wash” my face with a dampened Norwex body rag, and moisturize with Acure’s aromatherapeutic rose, moroccan argan oil. If my skin is oily, I’ll wash it in Origins Checks and Balances face wash, followed by Thayers Rose Petal witch hazel, and use the same oil as moisturizer (it’s for all skin types). I do this for both my morning and evening routine.

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The Art of Getting Ready (as a girl. sorry guys.)

In my family of four, I am the lone female. The only girl. The only one who plays in makeup, puts on jewelry and enjoys the aesthetics of feminine things. I am not, however, the only one who uses our bathroom and I have found myself slowing getting edged out. Not as much through the physical presence of my male-dominate family, but through the many traces that speak of their existence. Potty training chairs, cloth diapers, baby bath toys, the accessories my husband uses to cut his and our oldest son’s hair, random bits of toilet paper spread across the floor, and my favorite – sticky fingerprints on everything: the mirror, the door knobs, the soap dispenser, my bottles of my toiletries.  Continue reading “The Art of Getting Ready (as a girl. sorry guys.)”

Yea, I’m a Feminist, and Yea, These Are My Pearls

I’m confused.

So I’m a woman, and I’m wondering–why do we as a gender refuse to look feminine because it’s not “feminist.” Yet, we have celebrity style icons who are known more for what they don’t wear than for what they do, or we go to the other extreme and cover up what makes us uniquely female with unflattering, unshapely, male inspired clothing.

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My Favorite All-Natural Beauty Products

I love beauty products. I mean, I really, really love them. I think I inherited this from my mom. We both have the same passionate love for all-natural beauty products, and if they are locally and hand made…well then we really can’t pass them by. So assuming you have even a mediocre interest in all-natural personal care, today’s His Girl Friday post is a quick guide to some of my go-to favorites. And….to go along with this theme, I have a fantastic gift basket to raffle off to one lucky reader, full of some amazing all-natural, locally (well, local to me that is), and handmade personal care items, generously donated by Edens Shower. But more on the raffle later.

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