Our Weekend Getaway to Ellicottville, New York

This past weekend we traveled to the charming ski town of Ellicottville, New York, where we stayed with our friends, Jimmy and Julie, who own a ski chalet nestled right into the side of the mountain.

It was a lovely weekend with mild temperatures, perfect for hiking and walks into town. Between the two families, we had five kids ages five and under. Whew! Because of the kiddos, we kept the itinerary simple and flexible: our mornings were quiet and un-rushed; we made dinners at home; we enjoyed reading on the balcony while the boys played with their toys.

Because we stayed in our friends’ home, I won’t be sharing any photos that include the interior of the house to respect their privacy. I did take plenty of photos of our weekend adventures, though. Take a look! Continue reading “Our Weekend Getaway to Ellicottville, New York”

Easter Weekend Recap, 2016

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter! Or if not wonderful, at least pretty ok?

I enjoyed our weekend. This was the first year that the I handled the whole Easter sha-bang – Easter baskets, egg hunt, and outfits – and I really enjoyed it. In case you’re curious (or maybe just bored?), take a look at how we spent out weekend:


On Friday night, Mike and the boys were gone so I fired up New Girl, grabbed the last of Mike’s homemade ice cream (mahahaha, sorry Mike!), and filled the Easter baskets and eggs while my main girl, Beatrice, kept me company. Continue reading “Easter Weekend Recap, 2016”

A Stylish Room For A Stylish Couple: A Room Tour

When I think about Jake and Aubry Patton, I think about how almost every Vogue journalist starts off their interview with an A-list celeb noting the seemingly casual attitude of the whole affair. How the celeb is wearing normal jean and a basic tee. How their hair is casually pulled back into a pony tail. How they appear so approachable. And yet, it’s Julia Roberts, for goodness sake. That, is exactly how I feel about our friends, the Pattons.

These two have the gorgeous gene in spades. They are talented, stylish, and oh -so likable. Their home is magazine worthy. And they are just so genuinely nice. So easy to talk to. And really fun people. Continue reading “A Stylish Room For A Stylish Couple: A Room Tour”

How To Host A Clothing Exchange

A month ago, I went to my first clothing exchange and it was life changing. As the name implies, this is an event where you get clothes. For free. Read on, dear readers. Read on…

Ok, so basically, a clothing exchange is where you get together with a bunch of girlfriends, pile all your unwanted clothes in the middle of a room, and then go to town sorting through the stack – trying things on, adding to your collection of “new clothes,” and generally having a ball. You leave the clothing exchange with more clothes than you came in with, feeling like a whole new woman with a brand new wardrobe. Oh, and the clothes that nobody takes? The host donates them to a local women’s charity! It’s so awesome, you guys.

So here is how you go about hosting your own clothing exchange: Continue reading “How To Host A Clothing Exchange”

A Light-Filled Historic Home: A Room Tour

Special education teacher Alison Sprunger lives with her husband, Clint, and their dog Griffin in a lovely 1930’s home in Wooster, Ohio. Their home is full of historic charm and one of a kind pieces that they’ve carefully chosen to remain true to the house, and to make their home as friendly and inviting as possible. Take a sneak peak at one of the couple’s favorite rooms in their home.


Continue reading “A Light-Filled Historic Home: A Room Tour”

Five Things

1. Do you have plans this Valentines Day? A big date night? Maybe keeping things simple and staying in? We are doing a combination of the two; I have a special dinner planned for Mike and I to enjoy sans the kiddos, and then we are heading out for the evening to hear a musician friend of ours perform. This article has some great makeup tips to help you put your V-Day look over the top. I particularly like the first suggestion of going with major brows and pale pink shades everywhere else. Continue reading “Five Things”

My Favorite Holiday Moments

I know I am not alone in feeling like the holidays hit like a hurricane and are over before they ever really start, leaving us all reeling in the aftermath. Not to say that the holidays are bad, they can just be a whirlwind! Before I move onto what is next, I wanted to take a moment to think about a few special highlights from the 2015 holiday season. Take a look!


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Things I Love Right Now: Sister-In-Laws, Baby Showers, & Friends Who Rock

Last Saturday, my sister-in-law, Rhiannon, organized and hosted a baby shower for me and baby girl. The shower was such a nice surprise; I didn’t expect to have a shower for baby number three, but Rhiannon wanted to help me celebrate the fact that this third baby is a girl!

The shower was so special. Gathered together with my closest friends and family, I was literally showered with thoughtful gifts, yummy food (hellllloooo doughnuts!), and lots and lots of love.  Continue reading “Things I Love Right Now: Sister-In-Laws, Baby Showers, & Friends Who Rock”