An Interview With The Person Who Has Taught Me The Most About Friendship

I am full of excitement and anticipation for today’s blog post. I just know you will come away with some encouragement and inspiration after reading my dear friend’s thoughts on friendship.

Sheila and I became friends when our oldest two were just babies, and our friendship was forged when our husbands were busy pursuing their respective master’s degree program. Once a month, we would trade off coming over to each other’s homes on Monday nights to share a meal together and be there for each other during an otherwise very dark period in both our lives. Ohhhh. It gives me shivers just thinking about it. Higher education for husbands with wives with little babies to care for at home is straight from the pit of hell. But I digress. This is a happy post! This is a post about friendship. This is a post where you get to meet a person who is not only incredibly special to me, but who has also taught me the most about friendship. I’m honored to know her and be called her friend. And after reading this, you’ll know why. Enjoy.

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Thursday Things I Love: My Sister-In-Law, Garden Goodness, and New Friends

It’s Thursday. Someone high five me.

This week was, well, it was a lot of things. I was talking to someone the other night about the incredibly stupid naive belief I held as a newlywed that, if I just thought long and hard, I could make really good decisions that led to a relatively problem free life. Ahahahaha. Don’t you want to just sit that girl down, put your arm around her and be like, “Oh honey. Oh….HONEY.”

There is no path free from struggle, heartache, and pain, and we all need to remember from time to time that just because things are hard, it doesn’t mean we’ve messed up or made the wrong choice. Sometimes, things are just tough. Like this week!

But of course, there are always, always highlights, and sometimes, the dark days make the bright moments shine even brighter.

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Thursday Things I Love: Little Readers, Vintage Baby Clothes, and College Friends

This week, we’ve all struggled a bit to get back in the swing of things after having Mike home with us last week for spring break. We’ve just felt “off” as a family. Plus, the boys aren’t sleeping…which, as all parents know, means we aren’t sleeping. I barely remember what all has happened this week, it’s just been a blur. (Side note. Mike and I went through three bags of coffee while he was home on break. THREE BAGS!)

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I Knew You Then, I Love You Now


I had this friend in high school. We were the best of friends. Some of my most vivid memories from this time in my life include her; our cross country practices; spending the night at her house almost every weekend in the summer; our late night runs around town; a shared love for stupid humor (how many times did we watch Saving Silverman and Orange County???; SO many concerts; SO many nights spent in a friend’s basement recording studio while she and our boyfriends laid down tracks (They were in a band. I guess that made me a groupie? hmmm); SO. MUCH. LAUGHTER. There are people who know your history, and then there are people who lived your history with you.

A brother-sister breakfast/pancake eating contest (we were cool like that). (L-R) Mike and Angie, Me and Josh.

That was all almost twelve years ago.

We went our separate ways after high school. Attended different colleges. Married different guys than we were dating back then. Formed new lives.

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A Light-Filled Historic Home: A Room Tour

Special education teacher Alison Sprunger lives with her husband, Clint, and their dog Griffin in a lovely 1930’s home in Wooster, Ohio. Their home is full of historic charm and one of a kind pieces that they’ve carefully chosen to remain true to the house, and to make their home as friendly and inviting as possible. Take a sneak peak at one of the couple’s favorite rooms in their home.


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On Friendship

Anyone who knows me even remotely knows that there is nothing I love more than getting together with my friends.

One thing I love in particular  are my coffee dates. Since becoming a stay at home mom, these coffee dates and truly – these relationships – have been fuel for my tank. I love my kids, but the daily details of motherhood tend to be pretty draining, even on the good days. The women in my life, on the other hand, offer so much refreshment. We laugh, we talk about books, we talk about tough things, we make fun of our kids (hey, you’ve gotta have a sense of humor in motherhood or the children will eat you alive). Continue reading “On Friendship”

How To Be A Friend, When Your Friend Has A Baby In The NICU

Today I got to hold a baby! It was so great. Aren’t babies just the best? This one was teeny tiny and part of a set! My friend Kiley just gave birth to two of the most handsome baby boys I’ve ever seen. Both boys and momma are doing well, but one of the guys needs a little extra attention and care before he can go home. As I visited with my friend and her precious little boys, I was instantly transported back to the Akron Children’s NICU, where our oldest son Theodore spent the first month of his lifeContinue reading “How To Be A Friend, When Your Friend Has A Baby In The NICU”

Finding Meaning Where it Matters

Hi friends and followers! Last we talked, I was getting ready to head out for a father-daughter date as part of my #LifeOnPurpose series. We were long over due to spend some quality time together, so we headed to a favorite local restaurant, feasted on delicious dishes, and enjoyed catching up while listening to a jazz quartet on a patio. When you see the photos, you will know where I get my style and grace…. Continue reading “Finding Meaning Where it Matters”

If it Were Easy

I’ve hit a rough patch in my #LifeOnPurpose challenge. It turns out that it isn’t easy to wake up and be intentional and purposeful every day. Even with a list of ideas, a schedule of challenges, and the best intentions, sometimes it is just easier to coast.

Im currently on Day 24 of my challenge, and you might be curious to know what I’ve accomplished in the last seven days. Truthfully? Not much. I’ve hit the point where I really kind of wish I had made this a 20 day challenge instead of a 40. Continue reading “If it Were Easy”