I Knew You Then, I Love You Now


I had this friend in high school. We were the best of friends. Some of my most vivid memories from this time in my life include her; our cross country practices; spending the night at her house almost every weekend in the summer; our late night runs around town; a shared love for stupid humor (how many times did we watch Saving Silverman and Orange County???; SO many concerts; SO many nights spent in a friend’s basement recording studio while she and our boyfriends laid down tracks (They were in a band. I guess that made me a groupie? hmmm); SO. MUCH. LAUGHTER. There are people who know your history, and then there are people who lived your history with you.

A brother-sister breakfast/pancake eating contest (we were cool like that). (L-R) Mike and Angie, Me and Josh.

That was all almost twelve years ago.

We went our separate ways after high school. Attended different colleges. Married different guys than we were dating back then. Formed new lives.

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Thursday Things I Love: Coffee Breaks, Yoga & Beets

It’s been a good week. Beatrice has found her groove with nursing and sleeping longer stretches; Mike and I had an awesome date; Theo has been particularly sweet; and Oliver and I have enjoyed some special moments together while big brother was at school.

Here are a few of the things I’m loving this week:

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To Sir, With Love

Today was a good day. Nothing special happened. I didn’t receive great news. My toddler and 3 month old weren’t even particularly well behaved. But it was a good day because I baked a cake with my son, Theodore, and he reminded me of a very special truth about love.

Let me back up. My kids have been grouchy all week, and I have no clue why. Nothing bad happened, they aren’t sick, and they haven’t been deprived of the things they need on a daily basis to remain happy and healthy. After several days of this, one can become pretty grumpy themselves. But, today was different. Today I decided that no matter what, Theo and I were going to bake a cake together.

I got out a recipe from Bringing Up Bebe by Pamela Druckerman. (Side note: You should check this book out whether you have kids now or plan to have them in the future.) It is an unbelievable easy cake to make with your kids, as it is practically impossible to mess up. (Something I need even if I’m not baking with my almost 3 year old. I’ll include the recipe for Gateau Au Yaourt – yogurt cake – at the end of this post.) Continue reading “To Sir, With Love”