A Quick Holiday Treat

Today, I’d like to share with you a quick and simple recipe that is great to have on hand for the holidays. I prepared a batch for an upcoming Christmas party, but this treat is great for kids and grown ups alike. It would look pretty in holiday candy bags if you are looking for something quick and easy (and inexpensive) to hand out to teachers, co-workers, etc. Enjoy! Continue reading “A Quick Holiday Treat”

How to Hostess With the Mostess

Today, I sat down to plan my menu, grocery list and decorations for the upcoming holiday season. This year, we plan to host as many people as possible in our home and around our dinner table.

For us, entertaining others isn’t just fun (although it really is!), it’s also a way for us to love on our friends and family. Nothing makes us happier than opening up our home to others: making them feel welcome, feeding them, and sharing in great conversation and fun.

Over the years, I’ve experienced some hits and misses with entertaining. Here are a few tips I’ve pick up along the way: Continue reading “How to Hostess With the Mostess”

Maximizing Enjoyment & Minimizing Stress This Holiday Season

It’s the day after Thanksgiving. Perhaps that means today you are stumbling around your house, stunned from the amount of calories you consumed at the annual holiday feast. Or perhaps you are cleaning up from hosting family and friends in your home, and still smiling from the good times shared over your table. Or perhaps you are simply grateful. Grateful it’s all over.

I know this might be an awkward topic to discuss, but I hate not talking about something just because it might be an uncomfortable discussion. When we allow that to happen, we become a slave to our fears and we let other people’s bad behavior (and our own) to dictate our emotions, our schedules, and….our holidays.  Continue reading “Maximizing Enjoyment & Minimizing Stress This Holiday Season”