Why We Chose To Opt-Out Of Homework (yes, you have a choice)

On the day before I sent my son off to kindergarten, I sat down and wrote his new teacher a letter.

A homework opt-out letter.

I know, I know. I’m awesome at first impressions, right?

I already had all these reservations about school. Reservations that I really couldn’t do anything about if we chose to send Theo to public school, which, for the time being, is the decision we made. But there was one major concern I had that I knew I had some control over: what our evenings at home looked like after Theo returned from school.

From 7:15-3:30, Theo is in the very kind and capable hands of his school. Outside of those hours, he is first and foremost my kid.

It’s incredibly important to me that our home be a safe harbor for our kids. A nurturing place for them to land. Whether they have had a good day or bad, I want them to know that their home is their safe space. And I have really specific ideas about what it means to have a nurturing home. I want to nurture my whole child. Not just the school portion of my child.

One glaring issue with homework is this idea that what is happening during the school hours is somehow a kid’s main purpose in life. I’m sorry, it’s just not.

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