Natural Ways to Get a Negative Group B Result In Pregnancy

There are so many things about pregnancy and labor that you typically don’t know about until you’ve experienced it. I, for one, had never even heard of Group B Strep until it was time for the test during my first pregnancy.

What is Group B Strep, you ask? I won’t go into too many details because a quick Google search will bring up countless articles on the subject (like this one), but basically it is a bacteria that many people harbor in their intestines and can be harmful if passed along to your baby during birth. The chances of this are relatively low, but the harm that can be caused is real and should be taken seriously.

If you test positive for Group B (usually around week 35 or 36 of your pregnancy), then you will be administered antibiotics intravenously during labor.  Continue reading “Natural Ways to Get a Negative Group B Result In Pregnancy”