Three Keys To A Successful Marriage

It’s not easy maintaining relationships with people. It take a lot of hard work, intention, and a million other things that we human beings are prone to not be very good at. We all have higher expectations for others than we do for ourselves. Even the people who tend to be hard on themselves. Take me, for example. There are plenty of things that other people do that drive me crazy, and yet, I find myself doing those exact same things. Only, it’s not quite as big of a deal when I do it. It’s a double standard, and we all have them. All of us.

I’m going to venture out on a limb, though, and say that one of the hardest relationships to maintain and grow is marriage. The stakes are higher. We are around our spouse more than most other people. And you deal with issues within a marriage that you don’t typically have to deal with in, say, your typical friendship. Money, sex, kids, in-laws, and living habits all play a huge part in making your marital relationship your hardest relationship.

Mike and I will be married 11 years this July. We will have known each other for 12. It’s hard for me to tell you just how I feel about my husband. I’m crazy about him. He makes me a better person. I have no idea why he loves me the way he does, but I’ll be eternally grateful for his love. He is, above all else, my best friend.

He is my person.

To say that our marriage has not been easy is so beside the point. No one has a easy marriage. No one. Marriage, by definition, is not easy. Nothing that requires you to combine your life with the life of another person could be easy. We are all selfish and self serving by nature, so anything that requires us to factor in another person will be a struggle.

And that struggle, is real. For all of us.  Continue reading “Three Keys To A Successful Marriage”