An Interview With The Person Who Has Taught Me The Most About Friendship

I am full of excitement and anticipation for today’s blog post. I just know you will come away with some encouragement and inspiration after reading my dear friend’s thoughts on friendship.

Sheila and I became friends when our oldest two were just babies, and our friendship was forged when our husbands were busy pursuing their respective master’s degree program. Once a month, we would trade off coming over to each other’s homes on Monday nights to share a meal together and be there for each other during an otherwise very dark period in both our lives. Ohhhh. It gives me shivers just thinking about it. Higher education for husbands with wives with little babies to care for at home is straight from the pit of hell. But I digress. This is a happy post! This is a post about friendship. This is a post where you get to meet a person who is not only incredibly special to me, but who has also taught me the most about friendship. I’m honored to know her and be called her friend. And after reading this, you’ll know why. Enjoy.

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Places We Love: Spoon Market

This summer, I’m doing a series called “Places We Love,” where I highlight some of my personal favorite spots in and around my hometown. Today, I’m so excited to share a look at one of my all time favorite places in Wooster: Spoon Market.IMG_3517

Spoon, a relatively new business to the Downtown Wooster (Ohio) scene, celebrates it’s fifth anniversary this June. But the Spoon family has done a lot in that short time. Spoon recently moved from it’s original location on Market Street to a bigger building on Liberty. Spoon Market takes up the first floor, which is as spacious as it is beautiful. Original hardwood floors, soaring ceilings, a  meeting room with original woodwork and leaded glass windows, and a sky light that looks right up to the second floor are just a few of the first floor’s notable features. Continue reading “Places We Love: Spoon Market”

Five Things

1. I have so many items on my project list right now! I’ve been experimenting with some homemade all natural deodorants and have been pleasantly surprised with the results. Next, I plan to incorporate some essential oils into my blend to see how that will affect my experience. Stay tuned, because you knooow this will be a future blog post ;-).

2. Have you guys heard the news about the new $5, $10, and $20 note? I’m especially excited to see the $10 note, which will celebrate the history of the women’s suffrage movement. You can read about all the changes and see who will be featured on each bill at: Continue reading “Five Things”

College Sweethearts’ Charming Living Room: A Room Tour

Language Arts teacher, Katie, and her husband Matt,  Director of Marketing for Walnut Creek Foods, have a home the perfectly reflects their personality: interesting, comfortable, and absolutely charming. They strike the balance that everyone aspires to but rarely achieves of looking magazine ready while simultaneously putting you at ease.

Or let me put it this way: I had to take two of my kids with me on this room tour, and while I was ooing and awing over the original hardwood floors and clapboard fireplace feature, Katie was on the floor playing with Theo, with Bea next to her and toys spread out all around them. While their home looks curated, it feels – cozy.  Continue reading “College Sweethearts’ Charming Living Room: A Room Tour”

An Interview With Me

i prefer salty over sweet

french fries and salads tie for all-time favorite foods

i live in a world of extremes and opposites (see above)

the chocolate-peanut butter combination both disgusts and confuses me. i’m sorry.

i’m not a patient person

two of my all time favorite movies are Orange County and Anchorman.  i have the sense of humor of a seventh grade boy. Continue reading “An Interview With Me”