The Beautiful And The Brutal

In recent days, we’ve experienced the highest of highs, and the lowest of lows. The most beautiful of beautiful that life has to offer, and the absolute most brutal of brutal.

And really, I’m sure you have too.

Whether it is in listening to the news or listening to a friend share her heart, the beautiful and the brutal seem to never be too far apart. They coexist on the same plane. Life never seems to be all roses, but truly, nor is it ever all thorns. Continue reading “The Beautiful And The Brutal”

Thirties Are the New Twenties (No Really…)

This year I celebrated my 30th birthday. Your 30th is quite the milestone, and – a least for me – signaled a shift away from some things, and towards others.

Along the way, I’ve enjoyed reading various “30’s lists.” Lists that mark what you should be wearing by now, how you should be behaving, and general thoughts on moving away from the college “finding yourself” years, and officially into adulthood. Continue reading “Thirties Are the New Twenties (No Really…)”