Thursday Things I Love: Fields of Clover, Little Gardeners, and Food

Well. Summer was off to a great start here in Ohio, but now Summer seems to be going through some sort of identity crisis and thinks it’s Spring because it’s been cold and rainy around here lately.

Come on Summer! Tighten up!

It’s been a good week around here. Theo is fully recovered from his surgery, Mike and I are getting into a good summer schedule groove, and I’ve been doing yoga every day which has been like the best thing ever. Here are a few things I’m loving lately: Continue reading “Thursday Things I Love: Fields of Clover, Little Gardeners, and Food”

A Stylish Room For A Stylish Couple: A Room Tour

When I think about Jake and Aubry Patton, I think about how almost every Vogue journalist starts off their interview with an A-list celeb noting the seemingly casual attitude of the whole affair. How the celeb is wearing normal jean and a basic tee. How their hair is casually pulled back into a pony tail. How they appear so approachable. And yet, it’s Julia Roberts, for goodness sake. That, is exactly how I feel about our friends, the Pattons.

These two have the gorgeous gene in spades. They are talented, stylish, and oh -so likable. Their home is magazine worthy. And they are just so genuinely nice. So easy to talk to. And really fun people. Continue reading “A Stylish Room For A Stylish Couple: A Room Tour”

Fall 2015 Fashion Trends: What to Embrace, What to Ditch

It might still be a mean 90 degrees here in Northeastern Ohio, but the calendar reads September which means it is time to start looking at the fall fashion trends. I’ve been pretty excited by what’s been coming out lately from the fashion world and, with a few exceptions, I’m ready to embrace the 70’s fabulousness that is on point for fall 2015. Let’s take a look at some of this season’s best trends. Continue reading “Fall 2015 Fashion Trends: What to Embrace, What to Ditch”

Things I Love Right Now: Pumpkin Muffins, Norwex Veggie Wash, and Other Fun Stuff

I love sharing ideas, products, and recipes with you that I’m currently crushing on, so I thought it might be fun to write a regular “Things I Love Right Now” blog post. Maybe once a month. Maybe more. Who knows. I guess I’ll start with today’s and see how much you all care about the things I get super excited about and go from there ;-).

Enjoy! Continue reading “Things I Love Right Now: Pumpkin Muffins, Norwex Veggie Wash, and Other Fun Stuff”

Clothing Capsule: Pregnancy Edition

How to dress your baby bump using a capsule wardrobe. 

I’ve you’ve been following His Girl Friday for awhile, then you know that for the past year I’ve challenged myself to create a capsule wardrobe for each of the four seasons, and have limited what I wear to only the items in the capsule. You can read about my past two capsules here and here. You can read two other clothing capsule related posts (tips, inspiration and discoveries) here and hereContinue reading “Clothing Capsule: Pregnancy Edition”

Get a Life

A lifestyle is what you pay for; a life is what pays you.
-fortune cookie wisdom

Last week was difficult for me in a way that is hard to describe. I initially felt like my thoughts on the matter were either a result of being weak minded or unrealistic, or perhaps both. Yet the more I think about the situation the more I become convinced that I am neither weak nor irrational. I’m quite the opposite. Continue reading “Get a Life”

Perfectly, Imperfect

In my last post, Living My Life On Purpose, I shared with you that there are some changes coming to His Girl Friday. As I mentioned in the post, I’ve learned a lot this summer and I’m excited to bring some of that inspiration to my readers! Let me start with who I am and what this blog is all about. (I know this probably seems like something I should have done in my first blog post, but hey, better late than never- right?)

Who I am: I know, this is where I’m supposed to say that I’m a wife and mother and I enjoy gardening and long walks on the beach, right? blech. No thank you. I am a wife, and I am a mother, and I do enjoy those things, but come on…I’m so much more than that! Continue reading “Perfectly, Imperfect”