College Sweethearts’ Charming Living Room: A Room Tour

Language Arts teacher, Katie, and her husband Matt,  Director of Marketing for Walnut Creek Foods, have a home the perfectly reflects their personality: interesting, comfortable, and absolutely charming. They strike the balance that everyone aspires to but rarely achieves of looking magazine ready while simultaneously putting you at ease.

Or let me put it this way: I had to take two of my kids with me on this room tour, and while I was ooing and awing over the original hardwood floors and clapboard fireplace feature, Katie was on the floor playing with Theo, with Bea next to her and toys spread out all around them. While their home looks curated, it feels – cozy.  Continue reading “College Sweethearts’ Charming Living Room: A Room Tour”

A Mid-Century Modern Living Room In North Dakota: A Room Tour

You guys, social media can be such a cool thing. If it weren’t for the amazing not-so-little community of Instagram, I would have never “met” my new friend Kristin. She is a fellow boy mom living in Bismarck, North Dakota. Her photos of her little boys, her amazing home, and the natural beauty of ND are so fun to see. I’m thrilled to share her room tour with you today. Kristin and her husband, Greg, have a style that I’m simply drooling over. (Hey Kristin, wanna come style my home?!)These Chicago transplants used to own and operate a food truck called the Chicago Schnitzel King. How cool is that? So without further ado, I give you today’s room tour from the former Schnitzel Queen of Chicago! Enjoy.

What is your favorite thing about the space?Image 1

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Room Tour: How We Laid Out Our Combined Living Room and Dining Room

Room Tour: How We Laid Out Our Combined Living Room and Dining Room

I enjoyed sharing with you a little sneak peak into my home when I did a room tour of our family room last month. Today, I’ll give you a glimpse of how we’ve (attempted) to make the most of our fairly awkward living room.

Our living room is extreeeemely long, and flows right into our family room to create a large “L” shape. The room that we currently use as our family room used to be the dining room, but we simply outgrew it. Plus, with the living room being so long, we decided that the best way to make the most of the space was to turn it into a combined living room and dining room. It has been nice to have the space utilized this way, as it allows for seamless transition from dining to relaxing, and also provides additional entertaining/eating space when we host larger groups. Continue reading “Room Tour: How We Laid Out Our Combined Living Room and Dining Room”

Creating a Photo Gallery/Art Wall for Our TV Room

We used to keep our tv downstairs in our basement. I don’t like a super visual tv, so it worked for us to have it tucked away downstairs. But, as Theo got older and started to be watch shows of his own, I wanted him to be upstairs where I could keep an eye on him and the tv.

So during one of our monthly switch-a-roos where I get the itch to move around furniture, we brought the tv upstairs and made our former dining room into a tv room. We have a super long living room, so we simply made it serve double duty as both living room and dining room, thus freeing up the old dinning room to become a tv room! Continue reading “Creating a Photo Gallery/Art Wall for Our TV Room”