Chasing Sunsets: My Maternity Photo Shoot with Baby Number Four

As I write this, I have the sweetest little baby boy snuggled – not in my belly – but on my chest, asleep in my ring sling. Our fourth baby joined our family exactly three weeks ago, and he has been pure joy. I’m tired, grateful, constantly hungry, and a bit out of sorts…but life is good, friends. So good.

I really started to slow down towards the end of this last pregnancy. I was feeling pretty good, but it all started to catch up with, me which meant slower days and much (much) earlier nights. I had to let go of some of the extras (like blogging) which means I never got to share my maternity photos with you! My sweet friend, Chrissy, recently started honing her photography skills and offered to “practice” on me. I put practice in quotes, because once you see these photos you’ll realize what I already know – she is an incredible photographer. (PS she ALSO made the gorgeous flower crowns I wore for the shoot. She is just one of those people who makes everything she touches look beautiful. 😉 ) Continue reading “Chasing Sunsets: My Maternity Photo Shoot with Baby Number Four”

How to Make a Floral Crown (and a Maternity Photo Shoot Sneak Peek)

Last night, my super talented friend took my maternity photos. I never really wanted to do maternity pics with the boys. I didn’t feel all that pretty during their pregnancies and was glad to document them with a few photos here and there, but that was about it. This time though, I don’t know if it’s the fact that I’m carrying this baby so differently or simply the fact that I’m having a baby girl, but I just feel really good about my bump.

I had planned on doing photos with a photographer, but some life stuff happened and suddenly I had to cancel the shoot and I didn’t think I was going to get any maternity pics after all. I was so disappointed. But then, my friend Bri said she would take them for me I was over the moon excited.

I knew two things that I wanted for the pictures. I knew I wanted them to be unique, and I knew I wanted to wear a floral crown for a few of them. That’s right. I wanted the full on flower child, earth goddess, mother-in-bloom look. I have a vintage dress from my aunt who passed away a few years ago and I knew that a floral crown and her dress would get me the look I wanted.  Continue reading “How to Make a Floral Crown (and a Maternity Photo Shoot Sneak Peek)”