How We Spent Mothers’ Day, and Why Past Fights Have Really Paid Off (Wink)

On Mothers’ Day, I was woken up by Mike and the boys with a tray full of breakfast goodies. Oliver sat next to me while I ate in bed and kept rubbing my arm and smiling his Oliver smile, telling me that “you’re such a good girl” and that “you have the most beautiful nose in the whole world!” I died. Theo bounced around, so excited to surprise me with the omelette he made¬†me (with his dad’s supervision), a card, and flowers. Mike told me later that while they were arranging my food on a tray, Theo said, “I’m so excited I’m shaking!” and when Mike looked down, sure enough, Theo’s hands were shaking. I mean, that is pretty stinkin adorable. ūüôā

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We didn’t have any particular plans for that day because Mike had made other plans for the weekend that we ultimately had to cancel. So after breakfast we decided on a short little road trip to explore the Kingwood Center Gardens in Mansfield, Ohio.

We loaded up the van without much more of a plan than a destination. I knew we would be hungry by time we arrived in Mansfield, so we scoped out restaurants from the road, looking for a Chinese place we could grab some take out (a picnic favorite of ours).

Mike – the navigator king, found us a restaurant and I ordered our food¬†and away we went. We parked at the gardens and I spread out a blanket (I never leave home without a picnic blanket in the car!) and we feasted on the random assortment I had picked out for us. Bea even managed to steal – and eat! – a piece of Mike’s sushi. Continue reading “How We Spent Mothers’ Day, and Why Past Fights Have Really Paid Off (Wink)”

Five Things

1. I’m not good with the in-betweens of life. I can be spontaneous and impulsive with the best of em, but it usually looks like jumping from one sure thing to the next. Right now, Mike and I are running full throttle into some huge transition, but nothing is settled as of yet which makes me feel craaaazy. I swing wildly from “This is such an awesome adventure!” to “Get me off of this crazy merry-go-round, NOW!!!”

I follow Lysa TerKeurst’s Proverbs 31 Ministry online, and today she had a free downloadable called “Five Things To Remember While You Wait On God.” One that particularly stuck out to me:¬†When we obsess over things out of our control, it makes us act out of control.¬†

Wow. Such a good reminder!

2. I saw these photos of Will and Kate’s place when they entertained President Obama and the First Lady recently. I loved seeing a glimpse into their home and personal style. How amazing would it be if, instead of your in-laws, you had the president over for Friday dinner? What a life. Continue reading “Five Things”

Checking In, Before Heading Back Out

Guys, we seriously have a duck living in our yard!

The other day Theo and I were out playing in the rain and we¬†decided to take a stroll around the yard. I started to walk through some tall grass and…out flew a duck! Theo was thrilled, and by thrilled, I mean he chased the poor thing through the yard yelling “quack quack” at the top of his lungs. Continue reading “Checking In, Before Heading Back Out”