My Beauty Uniform: Sarah Hider

I met Sarah Hider, Miss Ohio 2015, at a fashion show I recently attended. Sarah has a bubbly and friendly personality and instantly makes you feel like you’ve known her for years. She is well spoken with enviable public speaking skills and knows how to handle herself in front of a crowd. Oh, and did I mention she is gorgeous? So. Pretty. The night I met her, she was wearing this hot pink coat that I’m still thinking about. Love.IMG_2765IMG_2827

I asked Sarah to be a guest contributor and she graciously obliged. Today, she is sharing her take on all things beauty and fashion – enjoy! Continue reading “My Beauty Uniform: Sarah Hider”

My Beauty Uniform: Deb

Today, I’m thrilled to introduce you to my dear friend, and our guest contributor for the My Beauty Uniform series, Deb. She is the wife of the pastor of our church, is a talented pianist who gives lessons in her home, and has two children. I love her heart. I love her sassy style. I love her passion for faux fur. She has some great thoughts on beauty and style and I know you’ll enjoy reading what she has to say.

Describe your morning/evening skincare routine:

Well, lets just get real right out of the gate… I do nothing at night for my skin. (Insert gasp from all your readers). I go to bed with my make up on, maybe with the hopes that I will look like every movie star who wakes up to beautiful tossed hair, flawless skin and fresh breathe. Actually, the reality is I am lazy and just want to jump in bed by the time 10:30 rolls around. On a rare occasion I may use a Norwex beauty clothe to simply wash off the day’s gunk.  Continue reading “My Beauty Uniform: Deb”

My Beauty Uniform: Briana

I’m so excited to introduce you to my good friend Briana and her gorgeous face. She is my first guest-contributor for my new series, My Beauty Uniform. Briana is a momma of two little boys, makes and sells all kinds of amazing things (like my all time favorite “man soap”), and is one of the most  stunningly beautiful women I’ve ever seen. Enjoy! 

Describe your morning/evening skincare routine: 

I will start with my evening routine first because it’s the one I put more focus on. First I like to exfoliate with hot water and any natural essential oil scented soap I have available. I have large pores and to clean them out I need to scrub my face with something very abrasive; I use a luffa for this. I have had a lot of success with my homemade face mask consisting of Bentonite clay and vinegar, and I leave that on for about 15-20 minutes. Next I love to dap a little vitamin E oil just under and on top of my eyes. Before I discovered vitamin E oil, I used cocoa butter really just anything with the most emollient properties.

Morning routine – Splash of cold water! (more like a reality check). Continue reading “My Beauty Uniform: Briana”