Five Things


1. I did a post awhile back about what I packed in my hospital bag to have baby Bea. I read this article the other day about what women from around the world take in their bags. This article highlights just how good we have it in America. Seriously. Some women take plastic bags with them to cover the delivery table, because the hospitals don’t have access to water to clean them in between births. Some women take their own food and cookware to cook their own meals during their stay. We are incredibly blessed. It really made me realize how much we’ve come to expect. I made me realize how much we demand to be served. It made me realize how I might think I’m tough, but I’ve got nothin on these gals.  Continue reading “Five Things”

Things No One Told Me About Having Kids (Especially Little Boys)

You will do allll the things you once mocked, laughed at, and said you would never do before you had children.

You will discover it is much harder than you originally thought…

…but better than you could have ever imagined.

You will find yourself in moments of such exhaustion, frustration, and yes – even despair – that it will make you wonder if you are cut out for this job…

…but then suddenly the moment will pass and you will discover reserves of strength, patience, and creativity that you never knew you possessed. Continue reading “Things No One Told Me About Having Kids (Especially Little Boys)”

My New Best Friend: Baby-Led Weaning

This summer, I was introduced to a baby-feeding style that has changed my life.

While a new concept to me, the idea behind Baby-Led Weaning (BLW) isn’t new. In fact, watch any mother of more than one child and I’m sure you will see pieces of the BLW theory put into practice. BLW is the process by which you forgo store bought or homemade baby purees and cereals as baby’s first food and, instead, give them the same food you and your family are eating. You allow your baby to pinch, grab and feed himself without any spoon-feeding from mom or dad. Your baby decides how much to eat, and instinctively stops when full. Continue reading “My New Best Friend: Baby-Led Weaning”

Finding Meaning Where it Matters

Hi friends and followers! Last we talked, I was getting ready to head out for a father-daughter date as part of my #LifeOnPurpose series. We were long over due to spend some quality time together, so we headed to a favorite local restaurant, feasted on delicious dishes, and enjoyed catching up while listening to a jazz quartet on a patio. When you see the photos, you will know where I get my style and grace…. Continue reading “Finding Meaning Where it Matters”

If it Were Easy

I’ve hit a rough patch in my #LifeOnPurpose challenge. It turns out that it isn’t easy to wake up and be intentional and purposeful every day. Even with a list of ideas, a schedule of challenges, and the best intentions, sometimes it is just easier to coast.

Im currently on Day 24 of my challenge, and you might be curious to know what I’ve accomplished in the last seven days. Truthfully? Not much. I’ve hit the point where I really kind of wish I had made this a 20 day challenge instead of a 40. Continue reading “If it Were Easy”

What We Talk About, When We Talk About Motherhood

I’m going into business for myself…I’m getting married tomorrow…It’s gonna be all right. I’m gonna settle down. I’m through with the newspaper business.
-Hildy Johnson, His Girl Friday

His Girl Friday is more than just the title of my blog, it’s also a great, classic movie starring two of my favorites, Cary Grant and Rosalind Russell. (More on why my blog is named after this film, here.) But we also share more than a name; my blog and this film also offer fast paced dialogue, sharp wit and a love for journalism. Well,  at least I like to think they have all that in common…

But more than the humor, I love Russell’s character, Hildy, and the surprisingly modern dilemma she faces:

And that my friends, is my farewell to the newspaper game. I’m gonna be a woman, not a news-getting machine. I’m gonna have babies and take care of them. Give ’em cod liver oil and watch their teeth grow.

Continue reading “What We Talk About, When We Talk About Motherhood”

Gimme Some Space

I did a little bit of running away this week.

I’ve been on sensory overload these past few months as I’ve had a toddler who is constantly climbing on/stepping on/hugging/kissing/tickling/pushing me, and a newborn who is nursing around the clock and always attached to me via carrier so that I can deal with the aforementioned toddler. With all the invasion of my personal space, on top of the noise/clutter/lack of calm that generally accompanies parenthood, I’ve been feeling the walls starting to close in. Continue reading “Gimme Some Space”

Oh Baby, Baby!

This week’s blog is brought to you thanks to a suggestion made by my good friend, Becca, who asked that I talk a little about my cloth diapers. THANK YOU Becca for your continued readership and great feedback!

I love hearing from you readers, and I’m always extra excited to blog about a topic that I know is of particular interest to you…so keep em coming!

Now, onto cloth diapering… Continue reading “Oh Baby, Baby!”