The One Where I Mention Pizza and Puking in the Same Post

Theo was sick today. Like throwing up every half hour, green to the gills, barely able to move kind of sick. It was certainly a shock for all our systems to see my normally wild and rambunctious little boy lying listless on the couch all day.

I’ve heard people say that you are “in the trenches” when you have a toddler and a baby. Oliver might be 18 months old, but I think we still fall squarely into that category. While Theo spent the day with a stomach bug, Oliver spent his day fussing and crying because he has been on a non-stop teething spree for the past few months. And then the pharmacy where I was supposed to have Theo’s nausea meds filled never received the script it from the doctor’s office. There was an hour of my life, gone forever, trying to track down what happened to it after my doctor’s office was already closed for the day. (Whatever, I’m over it.) Continue reading “The One Where I Mention Pizza and Puking in the Same Post”

What is the Meaning of (My) Life?

A Guest post from the man behind the woman behind the blog

I recently did a post on discovering our purpose in life and about how we have a tendency to look for our purpose in our kids or our careers, when really, we need to simply apply our purpose to everything we do. You can read more about that here.

As always, my husband has the perfect perspective on life. I’ve found throughout our almost 10 years of marriage that what I need in tough situations is not for him to totally understand me and to reflect my feelings back to me, but to allow our two unique perspectives to come together to form one, well rounded outlook. This has never been more true than in the topic of finding our purpose in life.

I asked Mike to share with you his take on life, purpose and your career. He is so wise and funny and sexy. You are allowed to appreciate the wise and funny part. I’m so honored to call him my own, and to get to reap the benefits of his wisdom, character and leadership.  Continue reading “What is the Meaning of (My) Life?”

Your Kids & Your Job Are Not Your Purpose (And Other Life Lessons Learned From Play Dough)

I read a lot. As I read, nothing makes me happier than when I read two separate thoughts from two separate works from two totally different people and something just clicks. It’s that moment when everything comes together and your mind just goes from casually interested to totally blown. I had one of those moments recently when I read the following two quotes:

“Homemaking is not something that stands in the way of our deeper fulfillment; it becomes the ground that feeds it.”
-Shannon Hayes, Radical Homemakers: Reclaiming Domesticity from a Consumer Culture

“Let me make a distinction between career and creativity. Creativity is connected to your passion, that light inside you that drives you. That joy that comes when you do something you love. That small voice that tells you, ‘I like this. Do this again. You are good at it. Keep going.’ That is the juicy stuff that lubricates our lives and helps us feel less alone in the world…Career is different. Career is the stringing together of opportunities and jobs. Mix in public opinion and past regrets. Add a dash of future panic and a whole lot of financial uncertainty. Career is something that fools you into thinking you are in control and then takes pleasure in reminding you that you aren’t. Career is the thing that will not fill you up and never make you truly whole. Depending on your career is like eating cake for breakfast and wondering why you start crying an hour later.
-Amy Poehler, Yes Please

I’ve come to the conclusion that most of us have a seriously dysfunctional view of purpose, careers and motherhood. We view these three very unique things as one. Then, when purpose starts pulling at motherhood and motherhood starts pulling at career and we try to find purpose in our career and try to make a career out of motherhood, wow, do things get messy. And complicated. And confusing. And dissatisfying. And we just end up eating cake for breakfast and crying an hour later.

Or to use a visual analogy, it’s like my son’s recent play dough/leggo man creation. He can say that he mashed some stuff together to make it “one,” but we all know it’s just two totally separate toys that are crammed together, totally incongruous and dysfunctional. Continue reading “Your Kids & Your Job Are Not Your Purpose (And Other Life Lessons Learned From Play Dough)”

The Lost Art of Play

Today is Day 30 of my #LifeOnPurpose challenge. Only 10 more days to go! Whoohoo! Through this challenge, I’ve learned a lot about myself and about slowing down and being intentional in my day, but it has been a lot of work!

I better not get ahead of myself, though. I still have one and a half weeks to go!

Today was funny. My challenge for the day was to explore nature with Theo, continue to teach him how to respect his environment and to have a little fun along the way. To do this, I told Theo we were going to fill his bug house with plants, leaves and sticks to create a fun environment for the second part of our activity – catch bugs! Doesn’t that sound like a nice educational activity? Little did I know that I was the one in for an education. Continue reading “The Lost Art of Play”

Finding Meaning Where it Matters

Hi friends and followers! Last we talked, I was getting ready to head out for a father-daughter date as part of my #LifeOnPurpose series. We were long over due to spend some quality time together, so we headed to a favorite local restaurant, feasted on delicious dishes, and enjoyed catching up while listening to a jazz quartet on a patio. When you see the photos, you will know where I get my style and grace…. Continue reading “Finding Meaning Where it Matters”

And Trouble Was His Name-O

Day 16

Let me start by saying that auto-correct occasionally changes “Theo” to “trouble.” This is not ironic. It’s accurate.

I do a lot of writing at night. From my office in our basement I can hear the pitter-patter of little feet if Theo decides to get out of bed. It is usually a pretty fool-proof method, but the other night I must have been caught up in what I was writing because I missed Theo’s initial bedroom breech and by time I heard him, the destruction was in full swing. Continue reading “And Trouble Was His Name-O”

Healthful Hydration

Yesterday, I shared the details of my latest challenge that I’m undertaking. If you missed it, you can read about it here. But the general idea is that I’m taking the next fourty 39 days to work on being intentional. Each day, I want to take a break from routines, schedules, and busyness and simply be present in the moment and live more on purpose, and less on accident. Continue reading “Healthful Hydration”