Life Lately. The Essential

I read this book once that talked about foreboding joy. It’s the phenomena that occurs when, in the midst of a good experience, you start to feel fear/anxiety over the inevitable end of the good thing instead of just staying present and enjoying it for what it is, for however long it lasts.

Summer has been good to us, and I’m trying to stay in the moment and not think about how summer will turn to fall, and summer-break will end and Mike will return to a job he doesn’t love, and we will all end up returning to schedules that are fine, but more “eh” than “ah!”.

It’s fine. It’s fine.  Continue reading “Life Lately. The Essential”

A Basement Retreat: A Room Tour

My friend Sara is adventurous, athletic, well read, super smart, incredibly kind and generous, and just the right kind of goofy. She processes mortgage loans as a profession, but her life is far from defined by something as simple as a job. She is a momma. She’s done triathlons. She bikes and does yoga. She reads – a lot. She makes her own soap. She finds something that interests her, and pursues it. Incidentally, and not surprisingly, I find her fascinating to talk to. I always have. I have these incredibly vivid memories of the time I spent with Sara when we were younger. Thanks to Sara, the Mazda Miata was, and always will be, the epitome of cool in my mind ;-).

When she told me she asked her husband to build her a room in their basement where she could work (from home), read, and do yoga, I knew I wanted to feature it in my room tour series. Most people (me included) tend to be so pragmatic and unimaginative in how we use our space: this is a kitchen, it is where we make food; this is a bedroom, it is where we sleep, etc, etc. I was intrigued by Sara’s idea to create a space that would suit and support her. A space that – yes, had a pragmatic function – but also, that literally was just – space. Space to breath. Space to practice. Space to be.

Take a look at Sara’s office/yoga room/quiet space. I think you’ll enjoy both the design and the intention behind this special room. Continue reading “A Basement Retreat: A Room Tour”

Essential Guide to Reading

I have this friend who, amongst just being generally amazing, is also my favorite person in the world to talk book-talk with. We talk about new books, old books. We discuss authors. We criticize and critique. We share reading lists. It’s wonderful.

She sent me this text the other day and I just had to share it with you:why can't I just be reading?? Blog Post:

Do you ever feel that way? I know I sure do! Well, to help us on our quest for the perfect reading experience, I have, with much thought, research and effort, created an Essential Guide to Reading for you! Enjoy.  Continue reading “Essential Guide to Reading”

What I’m Doing To Raise Little Readers

It is impossible to remain small minded while being a big reader. I don’t just mean you read a lot of romance novels or a ton of self help books. I mean, you read a whole heaping lot, across genres, across eras, across subject matter.

I like to consider myself a voracious reader. It means I devour or consume books with an eagerness that can’t be stopped. “Voracious” is a word I picked up from one of the many “word lists” I’ve created over the years. If you read enough, eventually you’ll come across a word you don’t know. Especially if you read Dickens. When that happens, I write it down so that I can look up the definition later. I then challenge myself to use that word or words several times that day so that I can hopefully memorize it and assimilate it into my vocabulary. Hence, I now consider my self a “voracious” reader, and not just a big reader. It sounds so much cooler :-). Continue reading “What I’m Doing To Raise Little Readers”

Treasured Words

There must be millions of people all over the world who never get any love letters…I could be their leader. –Charlie Brown

Happy Friday readers! I hope that wherever you are, you are enjoying as beautiful weather as we are here in Ohio. It is actually sunny and warm with no inclement weather on the radar. Gasp! Can it be true??? I for one am soaking up as much of this goodness as I can, which means you will find me settled on our patio with a good book every chance I get. Continue reading “Treasured Words”

Something to Fall in Love With

I have always loved the written word. Some of my earliest memories are of reading. I can’t tell you what you would see if you travel by car from Ohio to Florida, though I’ve made the trip many times; I could describe to you, however, the details of each book I read during those long drives.

I won’t tell you something nerdy like, “some of my best friends are books,” or “open up a book and see where it takes you.” I don’t read to escape or to pretend. I read because the written word is amazing: it can make you feel every emotion under the sun; it can reveal new thoughts and ideas; and, maybe most importantly, it can change you. Continue reading “Something to Fall in Love With”