Just Push Play: If My Life Had a Soundtrack

The other night my husband and I were talking about how our lives – and the experience of living those lives – would be changed if we could do it with a soundtrack accenting our every move, every emotion, every experience. It’s a thought I’ve had before. How would our life be changed, for the better or possible for the worse, if we had someone hand picking music to go along with our every experience? The good ones, the bad, the exciting times and the mundane. And of course, everything in between.

My husband and I are always listening to music. Because our taste in music is varied and diverse, the type of music we play at home fluctuates with our mood, the season, and is dependent on our activity. We may not have some omniscient DJ skillfully laying down tracks to amplify the themes of our life, but without a doubt, I can think back over our life and recall certain songs that correlate with some of our biggest (or maybe just best) life moments. Here is the soundtrack I came up with: Continue reading “Just Push Play: If My Life Had a Soundtrack”

Taking Stock

Last year for Christmas, my brother and SIL got me this blog. This year, they got me these awesome t-shirts with my very own logo to give away and spread the His-Girl-Friday love around and celebrate my one year of blogging. One year! I can’t believe I’ve been doing this for a year. I can’t believe all the changes that I’ve gone through this past year. Life is certainly not the same, and it’s hard to completely wrap my mind around all the details.  Continue reading “Taking Stock”