Brothers and BMX

In terms of coolness, I have to say my brother has always had me beat. He is just the kind of guy that everyone loves, with a contagious laugh and a knack for telling the types of stories that makes everyone double over with laughter. He is good at everything he does. Or to put it another way: My most popular blog post to date? Yea. It was about him. (You can read, “Here’s Lookin at You, Kid” here.)

Here’s the thing. I’ve always been a little jealous of my friends who have sisters. I mean sure, in high school it was all drama over who borrowed what and who took longer in the bathroom, but as adults, the sister bond sounds pretty great. I feel like I know so many girls who are down to hang out…as long as they aren’t doing something with their sister first. Continue reading “Brothers and BMX”

Hitched and Happy: How to Date Your Spouse

We are about to roll up on 10 years of marriage. That’s right, in less than two weeks we will have officially been married a whole decade! One thing that I love most about our marriage is that I genuinely enjoy spending time with this guy. Sure, there are plenty of times that we drive each other crazy and need our space, but for the most part – what we really want – is time together. Continue reading “Hitched and Happy: How to Date Your Spouse”

How My Husband Pursuing A Master’s Degree Has Changed Our Family

Shortly after our second child was born, my husband started his Master’s program in Educational Leadership and to earn his Principal’s license. Going into it we knew it was going to be tough – he already has one full time job, a part time job and a family – but he felt confident that the timing was right. He has big dreams, and knew that this was the next step for him.

When Mike told me he was ready to start his Masters, I didn’t know what to think other than I trusted him. I was a little anxious to have him even more unavailable as I already felt stranded at home. Never the less, every fiber of my being trusts that when Mike says, “take this leap of faith with me,” there will be a safe place to land. Continue reading “How My Husband Pursuing A Master’s Degree Has Changed Our Family”

Maximizing Enjoyment & Minimizing Stress This Holiday Season

It’s the day after Thanksgiving. Perhaps that means today you are stumbling around your house, stunned from the amount of calories you consumed at the annual holiday feast. Or perhaps you are cleaning up from hosting family and friends in your home, and still smiling from the good times shared over your table. Or perhaps you are simply grateful. Grateful it’s all over.

I know this might be an awkward topic to discuss, but I hate not talking about something just because it might be an uncomfortable discussion. When we allow that to happen, we become a slave to our fears and we let other people’s bad behavior (and our own) to dictate our emotions, our schedules, and….our holidays.  Continue reading “Maximizing Enjoyment & Minimizing Stress This Holiday Season”

Finding Meaning Where it Matters

Hi friends and followers! Last we talked, I was getting ready to head out for a father-daughter date as part of my #LifeOnPurpose series. We were long over due to spend some quality time together, so we headed to a favorite local restaurant, feasted on delicious dishes, and enjoyed catching up while listening to a jazz quartet on a patio. When you see the photos, you will know where I get my style and grace…. Continue reading “Finding Meaning Where it Matters”

Fun, Love and Other Important Things

This post is part of an on-going series, #LifeOnPurpose, where I’ve challenged myself to do something each day for the next 40 days- no matter how small – to slow down, notice my surroundings, and be intentional. It is part of my effort to live less on accident and more on purpose. You can read other posts in this series here:

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Day 9

I love my house. I mean, I really, really love my house. It is the first house my husband and I have ever owned and rarely a day goes by where we don’t comment on how much we love living in it. But, there is how much I love my home, and then there is how much I absolutely hate with a burning passion our downstairs bathroom. It’s old. It’s gross. It has a toilet seat with money in it. It somehow manages to be both tacky and disgusting at the same time. Continue reading “Fun, Love and Other Important Things”

Body & Soul

This post is part of an on-going series called, #LifeOnPurpose, where I have challenged myself for the next forty days to do something each day- no matter how small – to slow down, notice my surroundings, and be intentional. It is part of my effort to live less on accident and more on purpose. You can read other posts in this series here:

Day 1 & 2
Day 3 & 4

Day 5

Day 5 was a Friday, and the perfect time to clear the evening for some much needed relaxation with friends. My plan for the evening was to do something that I really, really, enjoy, and that is spending a summer evening out on our patio, dining al fresco.  Continue reading “Body & Soul”

What We Talk About, When We Talk About Motherhood

I’m going into business for myself…I’m getting married tomorrow…It’s gonna be all right. I’m gonna settle down. I’m through with the newspaper business.
-Hildy Johnson, His Girl Friday

His Girl Friday is more than just the title of my blog, it’s also a great, classic movie starring two of my favorites, Cary Grant and Rosalind Russell. (More on why my blog is named after this film, here.) But we also share more than a name; my blog and this film also offer fast paced dialogue, sharp wit and a love for journalism. Well,  at least I like to think they have all that in common…

But more than the humor, I love Russell’s character, Hildy, and the surprisingly modern dilemma she faces:

And that my friends, is my farewell to the newspaper game. I’m gonna be a woman, not a news-getting machine. I’m gonna have babies and take care of them. Give ’em cod liver oil and watch their teeth grow.

Continue reading “What We Talk About, When We Talk About Motherhood”

Something to Give Up, and Something to Embrace

Could you use some refreshment in your life?

Something that lifts your spirit, propels you forward, and brings you a sense of peace and calm? I know I could!

I’ve recently been challenged to re-evaluate the things that are in my life but shouldn’t be…and the things that aren’t in my life, but should!

As many of you know, Lent started this week. My first challenge came to me during my yoga class this week. (More on how I ended up at yoga class later.) During the final relaxation pose, our instructor challenged us to consider giving up something other than food or drink for Lent. It is easy enough to give up chocolate or coffee, but what about anxiety? Fear? Critical words? Continue reading “Something to Give Up, and Something to Embrace”