A Little Bit About Me

I’ve picked up some new followers lately, so I thought I’d take the time today to share a little bit about myself.

-I have three kids. I’ve had a baby every other year for the past five years running. I need to start planning my next project before I get confused and have one more kid.

-I love live for coffee. The darker and stronger the better. I want my coffee to reach up and slap me. Incidentally, I’m not a morning person and would cease to function without said, strong coffee.

-My favorite dark roast at Starbucks is Gold Coast. My least favorite is Komodo Dragon. Let’s be real, Starbucks, and call a spade a spade, and a medium roast a medium roast.

-I don’t really have a favorite color. I’m an equal opportunity color appreciator.  Continue reading “A Little Bit About Me”

Thursday Things I Love: Kitchen Helpers, Little Treasures, and Red Hair

It’s been a good week. Some good changes. Some good, normal, every day stuff. Personally, I’ve been learning a lot. Motherhood continues to refine me. And I’m just so happy to get the chance to come here, day after day, week after week, and share my life with you all. Thanks for reading. Seriously.

This week, I loved… Continue reading “Thursday Things I Love: Kitchen Helpers, Little Treasures, and Red Hair”

Thursday Things I Love: Our Life Lately

Do you ever have those times in your life where you have a few days in a row where nothing really special happens and yet everything that happened was special somehow? I mean, I’m not talking about winning the lottery or having a fancy night out with your husband. I’m talking about moment upon moment where you can’t help but realize that your life is really, really great. That you are just so incredibly lucky.

I guess that is our life lately. This past week, I was reminded on almost an hourly basis that things are pretty great. That my life is full of amazing people, and those people fill my story with all this goodness, you know? It’s funny, the dichotomy, though. Mike and I are in the process of trying to figure out some big *life* stuff, and that can feel so heavy. So draining. But in the midst of all this wondering and worrying and stressing and trying-to-figure out-ing, there is also all these people and experiences that draw into focus what matters. Continue reading “Thursday Things I Love: Our Life Lately”

Thursday Things I Love: Bubble Baths, Flowers, and Baby Girls

My boys have been in rare form this week. Lots of tantrums. Lots of meltdowns. Lots of me pulling my hair out and wondering how the heck I’m supposed to get these monkeys to listen to me. A fellow blogger posted something this week that basically said, “These are the hardest days of your life (the baby-toddler years). It’s ok to say no (to outside expectations). It’s ok to feel like this season is tough.”

Boy did that make me cry – but in a good way! It was just nice to have that affirmation that I’m not crazy/weak/doing a bad job; this season really is hard. So to all you mommas out there in the trenches of wild toddlers who won’t listen and babies who are keeping you up at night – You are doing a good job even if it feels like everything is falling apart! Even if things actually fall apart! This season is incredibly challenging, so remember, it’s not you, it’s them! hahahaha

Anyways. Here’s the lineup of things I loved from this past week: Continue reading “Thursday Things I Love: Bubble Baths, Flowers, and Baby Girls”

Thursday Things I Love: The Little Things

It’s been a big week.

The Shipper Fab Five has been a little off their game this week, leaving me feeling more drab than fab, but life will do that to ya from time to time. So this week’s Thursday Things I Love is my way of noticing the things that count. Because while my reality might scream “no!” (no literally, there is has been so much yelling this week…), my truth yells back “yes!”

Life is still good even when the details are hard. I’m still tough even when I have moments of weakness. And our path is still moving forward even if we – momentarily – take a few steps back. Continue reading “Thursday Things I Love: The Little Things”

Flannel Sheets, Pregnancy Cravings, and Crocheted Baby Items

These Sheets


Now that we have both our boys in twin beds, we needed to up our sheet game (we go through a looooot of sheets). I found some fun flannel sheets when I went shopping and I couldn’t resist buying a set for each of the boys. I have such fond memories of hopping in a very cozy, flannel-sheeted bed on a chilly evening when I was growing up. Plus, who can resist a good moose or plaid print? (Not me.) Continue reading “Flannel Sheets, Pregnancy Cravings, and Crocheted Baby Items”