Five Things


1. I did a post awhile back about what I packed in my hospital bag to have baby Bea. I read this article the other day about what women from around the world take in their bags. This article highlights just how good we have it in America. Seriously. Some women take plastic bags with them to cover the delivery table, because the hospitals don’t have access to water to clean them in between births. Some women take their own food and cookware to cook their own meals during their stay. We are incredibly blessed. It really made me realize how much we’ve come to expect. I made me realize how much we demand to be served. It made me realize how I might think I’m tough, but I’ve got nothin on these gals.  Continue reading “Five Things”

Five Things

1. Do you have plans this Valentines Day? A big date night? Maybe keeping things simple and staying in? We are doing a combination of the two; I have a special dinner planned for Mike and I to enjoy sans the kiddos, and then we are heading out for the evening to hear a musician friend of ours perform. This article has some great makeup tips to help you put your V-Day look over the top. I particularly like the first suggestion of going with major brows and pale pink shades everywhere else. Continue reading “Five Things”

What I Packed In My Hospital Bag

Well, here we are at 36 weeks and some change! Mike and I have our bags packed and ready to go to the hospital, something that we never got the chance to do with either of the boys’ deliveries. Theo came too early and I was unexpectedly admitted with Oliver. Nothing makes a girl feel less attractive than going through childbirth just to take your first shower with hospital provided toiletries. I’m pretty sure they give you the same basic toiletries in prison: ie, a bar of soap. That’s. It.

So this time around we are prepared to go to the hospital with our own stuff! Yippee! Woohoo! It’s the simple things in life, ain’t it? Continue reading “What I Packed In My Hospital Bag”

Hello Darkness My Old Friend: How to Survive Daylight Saving Time

This Sunday is doomsday. Also known as Daylight Saving Time. Also known as, the stupidest idea ever. Also known as, every parent’s nightmare. Also known as, one more thing to throw off your kid’s sleeping schedule. Also known as, the governments way of ensuring that people with moderate to severe SAD really have something to look forward to each fall.

As if it’s not bad enough that it’s getting dark at 6 PM each day naturally. You have to enforce an archaic and cruel policy that takes a seasonally appropriate sunset and usher it in a whole hour earlier. I love Simon and Garfunkel as much as the next person, but I am not cool with darkness and we are not friends.

Not. Even. Close.

Plus, DST is a real pain in the butt to deal with once you have kids. You go through so much just to get them on a sleep routine of any kind, and then along comes DST and completely ruins everything. Everrrrrrything.

*Open palm. Insert face. Commence sobbing.

Listen people, I know I titled this post “How to Survive Daylight Saving Time” but let’s be honest. I have no clue. I’m just trying to get through “falling back” until that glorious day that we get to “spring forward,” just like the rest of us. And short of storming the White House with all of our sleep deprived children and demanding that they stop – just stop- the madness, I really don’t have any great solutions. Basically, all I can do is offer a few of my favorite coping mechanisms.  Continue reading “Hello Darkness My Old Friend: How to Survive Daylight Saving Time”

Happy Thoughts and Tips For Your Tuesday

Sometimes I only need to stand where I am to be blessed. -Mary Oliver

So….I’ve hit a little rut. Nothing major, I’ve just hit that point in my pregnancy and life as a stay at home mom where every morning I wake up and have to give myself a little pep talk before starting my day. Something along the lines of, “you can do this, you can do this.”

Then, I walk into my kid’s room and see the utter destruction that they’ve wreaked before 8 am and I really have to up the ante on my inner, pep talk dialogue. Anyways.

So, in honor of it being Tuesday, the day after Monday, here are just a few thoughts and tips to perk you up.

Continue reading “Happy Thoughts and Tips For Your Tuesday”

What Every 30-Something Needs To Know About Entertaining

My husband and I love to entertain. Our summer schedule is more laid back, so we take advantage of having a bit more time on our hands in order to open up our home to our friends and family. It is one of my favorite things about summer!

This past summer, I made it a personal goal to have a couple or family over once a week. These invitations weren’t always for dinner, and they weren’t always planned weeks in advance. While some weeks we hosted a family for a sit down meal, other times we simply extended an invitation for an impromptu dessert night with friends. Regardless of the specifics, our goal was simple: welcome as many people into our home as possible! Continue reading “What Every 30-Something Needs To Know About Entertaining”

What We Do For Fun As a Family

It can be tricky to have fun together when your family is partially made up of erratic, emotional, and needy toddlers. My husband and I have found that nothing – and I mean nothing – can ruin a family outing like the incessant whining of a toddler. And yet, having fun together is possible, you just have to be a little flexible, and get a little creative.

My family and I had such a good time together this past weekend. We didn’t haven any plans other then to be together and soak up the beautiful weather Ohio has been throwing our way. And soak it up, we most certainly did! Here is a little look into how we have fun together :-). Continue reading “What We Do For Fun As a Family”

A Yoga Challenge, Pregnancy, and Gettin Real About How I Feel

This week, I wanted to do a few special blog posts centered on pregnancy and yoga. In particular, I want to share some insight on the health issues I face and how that’s affected my pregnancies and my yoga practice. My main purpose behind these posts is to encourage all you pregnant mommas in your quest for knowledge and your desire to stay healthy during your pregnancy. As always, encouragement and inspiration are the name of the game around here. Continue reading “A Yoga Challenge, Pregnancy, and Gettin Real About How I Feel”

How We Use Air bnb to Travel, and Advice on Taking Your Kids on Vacation

First, I want to mention that this is NOT a sponsored post, Mike and I just really, really love traveling with Air bnb! When we mention it, most people either haven’t heard of Air bnb or haven’t used it to travel, so I wanted to share our experiences and talk about what makes it so great. Also, our trip to Tybee Island last week taught me a lot about traveling with the kiddos, so I wanted to add a few tips about how to take your kids on vacation and not lose your sanity. 🙂 Continue reading “How We Use Air bnb to Travel, and Advice on Taking Your Kids on Vacation”