Our Favorite Family Tradition. 2017 Edition

Every fall since becoming a mother, I’ve continued a tradition that my mother started when my brother and I were small children.

We bake treats, we dress up in Halloween costumes, and we surprise family and friends with a visit at their home or work.

We never tell anyone we are coming (it’s so much more fun to surprise everyone). This means that sometimes we knock on doors and nobody is home, or that we have inadvertently chosen a day when that person isn’t at work. But this also means that we make plenty of impromptu stops for people we didn’t plan on seeing and the day is always full of visits and surprises and fun. Continue reading “Our Favorite Family Tradition. 2017 Edition”

Our Favorite Fall Tradition

Every year, close to Halloween, Theo helps me prepare a treat and together, Theo, Oliver, and I dress up for Halloween and deliver the treats to family and friends. It is absolutely the most fun tradition we have and I look forward to it every year.

Because this tradition requires quite a bit of running around and a decent amount of planning, I keep the treat simple. Plus, part of what makes this so fun is including the boys in every step of the process. Last year, we did slice and bake sugar cookies. This year, I used my friend Whitney’s recipe for three ingredient pumpkin muffins (you’ll find the recipe under her breakfast menu). The goal is to keep things easy enough that Theo and I can make the snack together without too much stress or time so that we can get right to the fun part – the deliveries!  Continue reading “Our Favorite Fall Tradition”

Making and Sharing Valentines Day Treats and Memories

I’m a huge fan of Valentines Day. Save your eye rolling and snarky “its a Hallmark holiday” comments for someone else, Daria, because this girl doesn’t want to hear it.

I’ve loved Valentines Day ever since I was a little girl. I didn’t care about the mushy love business, (although I did notice that my mom would get the prettiest flowers from my dad). I was in it for the food and the parties (I still am).  Continue reading “Making and Sharing Valentines Day Treats and Memories”

Gallery of a His Girl Friday Christmas

Merry Christmas friends and readers! It is Christmas afternoon, the boys are sleeping, the dishwasher is running, and we are in between holiday events. I thought I’d take a moment to share some photos from our Christmas eve and Christmas day with you. Hope your holiday has been full of the Love and Joy that God so freely gives to us all. Enjoy! Continue reading “Gallery of a His Girl Friday Christmas”

Treasured Words

There must be millions of people all over the world who never get any love letters…I could be their leader. –Charlie Brown

Happy Friday readers! I hope that wherever you are, you are enjoying as beautiful weather as we are here in Ohio. It is actually sunny and warm with no inclement weather on the radar. Gasp! Can it be true??? I for one am soaking up as much of this goodness as I can, which means you will find me settled on our patio with a good book every chance I get. Continue reading “Treasured Words”

Checking In, Before Heading Back Out

Guys, we seriously have a duck living in our yard!

The other day Theo and I were out playing in the rain and we decided to take a stroll around the yard. I started to walk through some tall grass and…out flew a duck! Theo was thrilled, and by thrilled, I mean he chased the poor thing through the yard yelling “quack quack” at the top of his lungs. Continue reading “Checking In, Before Heading Back Out”