Places We Love: Akron Rubber Ducks Baseball Games

For the most part, we aren’t “big crowd” kind of people, especially when it comes to our kids. My own idiosyncrasies aside, my boys are like energy sponges – the more energy in a place, the more they start to get amped up and out of control. Before you know it, Theo is off pretending he is a puppy and the only way I can locate him is by his barking, while Oliver is running laps around the place with a crazed and manic look in his eyes.

Like I said, we are not “big crowd” kind of people.

But, we make an exception for the Akron Ducks! The Akron Rubber Ducks, our Double A minor league baseball team, plays in Canal Park in downtown Akron, Ohio. The stadium is easy to access, and Akron has done a good job of providing plenty of free parking in their parking garages which is just a short walk to the ball park (you will pay for the parking that is closest to the park).

We arrived in town a little late the night of our game, so we had to park in a garage several blocks away. Never the less, the parking was still free and the walk wasn’t bad and access to the stadium was just as straight forward. Easy peasy.

There are so many reasons to love going to Akron Rubber Ducks games. The tickets are inexpensive. The food at the concession stand is much more reasonable than at major league games. The staff is super friendly and always willing to help you and your family get settled or find what you need. The entertainment is very family friendly. And the crowd is always packed with families and kids. You don’t have to worry about your kids feeling unwelcome at Canal Park, everything about the stadium says you, and your kids, are welcome. Continue reading “Places We Love: Akron Rubber Ducks Baseball Games”

Our Weekend Getaway to Ellicottville, New York

This past weekend we traveled to the charming ski town of Ellicottville, New York, where we stayed with our friends, Jimmy and Julie, who own a ski chalet nestled right into the side of the mountain.

It was a lovely weekend with mild temperatures, perfect for hiking and walks into town. Between the two families, we had five kids ages five and under. Whew! Because of the kiddos, we kept the itinerary simple and flexible: our mornings were quiet and un-rushed; we made dinners at home; we enjoyed reading on the balcony while the boys played with their toys.

Because we stayed in our friends’ home, I won’t be sharing any photos that include the interior of the house to respect their privacy. I did take plenty of photos of our weekend adventures, though. Take a look! Continue reading “Our Weekend Getaway to Ellicottville, New York”

Five Things

1. It’s Friday, and it feels like Friday. This week flew by yet carried the weight of a full week. The boys have been a handful and Bea has been fussy. But today, is Friday. We have fun plans for the weekend and I’m hoping it will be the refreshment we all need.

2. With this post nudging me to keep things simple and this post inspiring my wardrobe, I’m *attempting* to pack a small number of interchangeable items for our getaway. Stay tuned. If successful, I’ll share my minimal packing list with you. If unsuccessful, then, I guess it’s back to the drawing board. Continue reading “Five Things”

Places We Love: The Wilderness Center

The Wilderness Center in Wilmot, Ohio, is the type of place you need to experience first hand to understand just how special it really is. Whether you are a nature lover looking to bird watch, a parent looking for a fun and educational option to engage your child, or someone who just wants to get out and enjoy a scenic walk,  The Wilderness Center has something sure to delight and inspire everyone. Continue reading “Places We Love: The Wilderness Center”

Places We Love: Secrest Arboretum

I remember going to Secrest Arboretum as a kid, where my mom would take me and my brother for picnics among the Crabapple Trees. I remember looking up at the pine trees that surrounded the property and thinking that surly I was in some sort of enchanted forest.

Fast forward a few years *cough, cough* and the Secrest Arboretum still holds the same sort of enchantment and continues to captivate my attention. Now with a family of my own, it is absolutely one of my favorite places to take the kids. We go there for picnics amongst the epic trees. We go there for strolls amidst the gorgeous flowers. We go there for the awesome slide that pops up out of nowhere and for the wonderful paths they can ride their bikes down. I’ve met friends there for coffee or a walk, or for picnic style snacks while the kids run around us and play.  Continue reading “Places We Love: Secrest Arboretum”

Friday Five

1. I love traveling. My family and I don’t have a big vacation planned, but we do have a few short get-aways scheduled that we are all looking forward to. I’m usually fairly decent about not over-packing in the clothing department, but man oh man, I tend to take way to many accessories. I have a jewelry bag that I put everything in, but things still get pretty tangled up. I saw this clever trick for keeping your necklaces tangle free while you travel.

Now if anyone has any helpful ways to pack my ridiculous hat collection that I take everywhere, that’d be great…

2. Who has a good book recommendation? I just finished But Enough About Me, a funny and interesting nonfiction novel about Jancee Dunn’s experience as a writer for Rolling StoneContinue reading “Friday Five”

Places We Love: Broken Rocks

I don’t just enjoy eating at Broken Rocks. More than a restaurant to me, I use Broken Rocks as an extension of my home. I meet girlfriends there for dinner. My book club meets there once a month. It is a favorite morning spot for me and my boys to split a few delicious, homemade cinnamon rolls. It is our family’s annual spot to celebrate Mother’s Day. It is the one place I can take my kids where every single thing on the kid’s menu is something both delicious and good for them to eat. When I’m feeling down and need a good meal that I didn’t cook, it’s my go-to place for carry out. This list goes on and on.

So it’s no surprise that Broken Rocks was one of the first places I thought of when I cooked up the idea for the Places We Love series.

On a sunny Monday morning, after the breakfast rush had quieted down, but before the lunchtime crowd showed up, I sat down with Broken Rocks owner and “head of kitchen,” Glen Grumbling.

Over cups of coffee, in the Grumbling’s latest restaurant venture – Rox, a Gastropub right next door to Broken Rocks – I got to ask Glen about a shared passion: food.  Continue reading “Places We Love: Broken Rocks”

Places We Love: Spoon Market

This summer, I’m doing a series called “Places We Love,” where I highlight some of my personal favorite spots in and around my hometown. Today, I’m so excited to share a look at one of my all time favorite places in Wooster: Spoon Market.IMG_3517

Spoon, a relatively new business to the Downtown Wooster (Ohio) scene, celebrates it’s fifth anniversary this June. But the Spoon family has done a lot in that short time. Spoon recently moved from it’s original location on Market Street to a bigger building on Liberty. Spoon Market takes up the first floor, which is as spacious as it is beautiful. Original hardwood floors, soaring ceilings, a  meeting room with original woodwork and leaded glass windows, and a sky light that looks right up to the second floor are just a few of the first floor’s notable features. Continue reading “Places We Love: Spoon Market”