Five Things

1.Ok. I’ll admit it. I’m allll aboard the high waisted jean trend. I can’t help it. I love my low-rise skinnies, but three babies later and I’m just like FOR THE LOVE, will you please just stay up already? I’m in the market for a new pair – one that I can wear on repeat and pair with a variety of styles of tops and shoes (livin that capsule wardrobe life). I’m looking at these jeans and these jeansDon’t let the name fool you, they are so cute! What do you think?  Continue reading “Five Things”

Five Things

1. My husband is home on summer break (he is a teacher). Instead of getting a part time job for the summer like he has in the past, though, he is striking out on his own. He created his own business, Basic Elements By Mike, back when Beatrice was born in November, and is taking this summer to give it 100% of his attention to see where it goes. It’s been fun having him work from home, and I’m so excited to see where this new venture takes him. He is truly a talented craftsmen, a creative designer, and all around one of the most talented people I’ve ever met.

2. Oh, you know me. I just love multi-tasking with my food; a little for my body, a little for my face! Seriously though, I once talked to someone who said she wouldn’t put anything on her body that she wouldn’t put in it. The point being that she wanted to be as diligent about keeping her skincare products free of synthetic, harmful ingredients as she was with her food. It makes sense to me. I love the idea of incorporating the items in my cupboard into my beauty routine! It’s simple, good for my body, and inexpensive. I enjoyed reading this article about 8 Ways You can Use Coconut Oil on your body. I’m going to give the hair treatment a try. I will not be using it as a face highlighter, however. Momma has enough shine as it is, thank you very much.  Continue reading “Five Things”

Five Things

1. I just got rid of my knee-length jean skirt. Like, just. Of course I did. I had to, in order for Vogue to come out with the 2016 trend of, youuuuu guessed it: knee-length jean skirts. I literally looked at that stupid thing for like 10 minutes and was like, “There is no way these are coming back, so I guess I’ll part with it. They are definitely not coming back. For sure.” Famous last words, right?

I remember wearing those in the nineties with a colorful cardigan and thinking I was so cool. Like, Alicia Silverstone, cool.   Continue reading “Five Things”

2016 Trends For The Fashionable And Thrifty

Today’s post is written by guest contributor, and my long time bestie, Laurie Sanford. Laurie and I have been friends ever since college, where we bonded over music and one particularly silly yoga class. She continues to fill my life full of great clothes, laughter, and fun. She is a talented designer and has impeccable taste in food, clothes, and of course, friends ;-). Enjoy!

Ikat pattern (design)
Florals (fashion)
Strong Graphics (fashion)

Slow cooker recipes (food)
Elderberry liquor (cocktails) Continue reading “2016 Trends For The Fashionable And Thrifty”

My Beauty Uniform: Deb

Today, I’m thrilled to introduce you to my dear friend, and our guest contributor for the My Beauty Uniform series, Deb. She is the wife of the pastor of our church, is a talented pianist who gives lessons in her home, and has two children. I love her heart. I love her sassy style. I love her passion for faux fur. She has some great thoughts on beauty and style and I know you’ll enjoy reading what she has to say.

Describe your morning/evening skincare routine:

Well, lets just get real right out of the gate… I do nothing at night for my skin. (Insert gasp from all your readers). I go to bed with my make up on, maybe with the hopes that I will look like every movie star who wakes up to beautiful tossed hair, flawless skin and fresh breathe. Actually, the reality is I am lazy and just want to jump in bed by the time 10:30 rolls around. On a rare occasion I may use a Norwex beauty clothe to simply wash off the day’s gunk.  Continue reading “My Beauty Uniform: Deb”

My Beauty Uniform: Rebekah

I’m starting a new series called “My Beauty Uniform,” in which I’ll interview women (or men if I can find some guys willing to be interviewed!), about their skin care routines, how they choose their wardrobe, and about how they would describe their “look.” Today, I’ll share MY beauty uniform with you.

What is your morning/evening skincare routine?
I keep my skincare routine very simple. If my skin is dry, then I simply “wash” my face with a dampened Norwex body rag, and moisturize with Acure’s aromatherapeutic rose, moroccan argan oil. If my skin is oily, I’ll wash it in Origins Checks and Balances face wash, followed by Thayers Rose Petal witch hazel, and use the same oil as moisturizer (it’s for all skin types). I do this for both my morning and evening routine.

Continue reading “My Beauty Uniform: Rebekah”

Yea, I’m a Feminist, and Yea, These Are My Pearls

I’m confused.

So I’m a woman, and I’m wondering–why do we as a gender refuse to look feminine because it’s not “feminist.” Yet, we have celebrity style icons who are known more for what they don’t wear than for what they do, or we go to the other extreme and cover up what makes us uniquely female with unflattering, unshapely, male inspired clothing.

I’m sorry, maybe I misunderstood the concept of feminism. Continue reading “Yea, I’m a Feminist, and Yea, These Are My Pearls”