What I Ate Last Week

live love to eat. LOVE. IT.

I was going through some old things the other night – some journals, scrapbooks, etc. – and was amazed to see how many of the memories I felt worthy of jotting down for all eternity where food related. Holiday meals described in great detail. Restaurant and cafe menus and napkins tucked in photo albums. And of course, lots and lots of pictures of me and my friends, you guessed it, eating.

Food is just SO great, you know? I love eating food. I love cooking food. I love gathering friends together for a meal that is 50% about the food and 50% about the community. The best way to feed a person’s soul is to first start by feeding their belly.


Last week I made some really great recipes that I thought would be fun to share. So, without further ado, I give you: What I Ate Last Week, Wednesday! Continue reading “What I Ate Last Week”

My Top 5 Healthful Habits (That Make Me Feel Less Guilty About My 5 Unhealthy Habits)

This is a post I wrote two years ago, but I thought would be fun to share again (with updated photos :-).). Enjoy!

I know what you are thinking. “Healthful? Isn’t it healthy?” But no! No it is not. You can be healthy, but things (like vitamins, working out, etc) are healthful because they add to your overall health. Cool, huh?

As I write this, the temperature is 1°. If you are like me, being trapped indoors for days on end with the sky a static shade of gray doesn’t exactly inspire lofty fitness and healthful eating goals. However, I’ve found a few simple ways to stay healthy, despite the frigid temperatures and gloomy weather. Continue reading “My Top 5 Healthful Habits (That Make Me Feel Less Guilty About My 5 Unhealthy Habits)”

Blogger Bites: A Great Recipe For Kids, Another Veggie Burger & More!

Welcome to another installment of Blogger Bites! In my last BB post, I mentioned that I’ve been trying to make some things from scratch that I would normally buy prepackaged for convenience sake. I’ve also been trying to mix things up in the veggie burger department. And, I’m continuing to try and involve Theo in the kitchen. Continue reading “Blogger Bites: A Great Recipe For Kids, Another Veggie Burger & More!”

Become a Meatless-Meal Planning Maven

“So…ummm, what do you eat?”

It is the inevitable question that follows after I tell people I’m a vegetarian, usually accompanied by a gasp and a look of either terror or confusion. It is a question I’ve been asked countless times, but it still makes me laugh. Because, you see, (and I’m going to let you in on a little secret here) meat is actually only one portion of one of the five food groups!

To put it another way, not eating meat is like not eating Twix; it’s only one of many different candy bars amidst a host of other junk food options. Becoming a vegetarian simply means you choose not to eat meat, and instead, find your protein from the many other delicious and nutritious sources that our available. And I’m not talking about tofu! So to answer your question, what do I eat? Lots of stuff! (That really is the truth. I’m a huge eater.) Continue reading “Become a Meatless-Meal Planning Maven”