Five Things

1. My husband is home on summer break (he is a teacher). Instead of getting a part time job for the summer like he has in the past, though, he is striking out on his own. He created his own business, Basic Elements By Mike, back when Beatrice was born in November, and is taking this summer to give it 100% of his attention to see where it goes. It’s been fun having him work from home, and I’m so excited to see where this new venture takes him. He is truly a talented craftsmen, a creative designer, and all around one of the most talented people I’ve ever met.

2. Oh, you know me. I just love multi-tasking with my food; a little for my body, a little for my face! Seriously though, I once talked to someone who said she wouldn’t put anything on her body that she wouldn’t put in it. The point being that she wanted to be as diligent about keeping her skincare products free of synthetic, harmful ingredients as she was with her food. It makes sense to me. I love the idea of incorporating the items in my cupboard into my beauty routine! It’s simple, good for my body, and inexpensive. I enjoyed reading this article about 8 Ways You can Use Coconut Oil on your body. I’m going to give the hair treatment a try. I will not be using it as a face highlighter, however. Momma has enough shine as it is, thank you very much.  Continue reading “Five Things”

Thanks for the Memories, Jim & Pam

I’m feeling really emotional and sappy about my husband. You see, last week we finished re-watching the entire The Office series from beginning to end. That means this week I’ve been feeling the wide range of grieving emotions that comes from, well, you know…a tv series coming to an end.

It’s funny what suddenly gets ahold of our attention. What reaches out and grabs us. What wakes us up. What inspires us. Continue reading “Thanks for the Memories, Jim & Pam”

April Showers

Happy Friday readers! I apologize that this is coming later in the day than usual; this will also be much, much shorter than normal.

This post is coming later than expected because, well, I went through my whole day yesterday thinking it was…Saturday. I blame this on extreme sleep deprivation. But also, my hubby is home on spring break, so this girl is taking as much time as she can get to relax and enjoy her family.

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