Easy Home Remedies To Help You Fight A Cold, The Flu, Or Sinus Infections

For the past six months, I’ve been taking a daily dose of Raw Apple Cider Vinegar to help ward off the slew of sinus infections I’ve been suffering from the past few years. I was getting a sinus infection, bad enough to be treated by antibiotics, every 3-4 months. I hate being on antibiotics almost as much as I hate being sick, so my quest to end the cycle led me to RACV. Continue reading “Easy Home Remedies To Help You Fight A Cold, The Flu, Or Sinus Infections”

On Crying In Yoga Class, and Other Forms of Weakness

Last week, I attended a yoga class. At first, I was excited to be in a class where I was simply attending, and not teaching. It had been a long day and I was ready to unwind and have fun. The class started with some basic sun salutations and I quickly warmed up and relaxed into my practice.

But then, the instructor opened it up to the class and asked what we wanted to work on. Someone mentioned forearm balances, and I instantly felt my zen run for the door.

I’ve never been able to do do most arm or forearm balances. I can’t seem to stay up in a handstand, I topple over in side crow, and trying to transition to running man? Forget about it. I can will my legs to move out of side crow all I want, it just doesn’t happen.

My sister in law was on her mat beside me, popping up on her forearms, working into scorpion and generally working it like a boss. I was excited to see her progress, but each time I failed to move myself into the desired position, I had to work harder and harder not to cry.

Yoga attracts a lot of type A personalities, and I’m no exception. I’m not ok with my limitations. I’m not ok with boundaries. I like to set goals and obliterate them.  Continue reading “On Crying In Yoga Class, and Other Forms of Weakness”

Taking Stock

Last year for Christmas, my brother and SIL got me this blog. This year, they got me these awesome t-shirts with my very own logo to give away and spread the His-Girl-Friday love around and celebrate my one year of blogging. One year! I can’t believe I’ve been doing this for a year. I can’t believe all the changes that I’ve gone through this past year. Life is certainly not the same, and it’s hard to completely wrap my mind around all the details.  Continue reading “Taking Stock”